Watch The McBain Movie From THE SIMPSONS

Someone took McBain clips from THE SIMPSONS and strung them together to make something that has about as much drama and character as THE EXPENDABLES!

Fans of The Simpsons are very familiar with McBain, the Schwarzenegger-esque action movie character who often appears on TV screens in Springfield. Someone took some of the McBain film clips that we’ve seen on the show and strung them together to make what amounts to a four minute McBain mini-movie. Here we see McBain dealing with the bureaucracy of the police department as he attempts to hunt down Mendoza, the crime boss who killed his partner.

It actually mostly works until the last bit; the ending of this feels like it’s from McBain II. Maybe The Simpsons writers can keep adding new McBain clips and fill in the other 100 minutes of the film.

McBain: The Movie from McBain on Vimeo.