2011 SXSW Line Up Is Awesome, Intimidating

The line up for SXSW 2011 Film is announced and it is AMAZING.

SXSW has announced most of their 2011 line up (the Midnighters and SXFantastic Fest stuff will be announced February 10th), and it’s kind of amazing. Just simply awesome stuff that mixes premieres that excite with some of the best films to come out of Sundance. And this is my first year at the festival, so I’m doubly excited. Now to figure out how the hell to see everything.

Here are the films I’m most excited about. To read the full list of movies, click here.

Detention - Joseph Khan, director of the wonderfully insane Torque, has his second feature, and it looks to be a bizarro high school slasher and then some. All I ask is that it be crazy, and I think I’ll get my wish.

Silver Bullets - Mumblecore luminary Joe Swanberg makes a movie about making a werewolf movie. And it stars Ti West. Every level of this sounds like it could be disastrous, but I find it all appealing.

Road To Nowhere - A new film from Monte Hellman? And it’s not a cheap horror sequel? That’s all I have to hear.

Sound of My Voice - A huge hit at Sundance, this film about a cult has everybody I know buzzing. Must see it!

Bellflower - See the last film, repeat. I hear great things, and hopefully I will see great things for myself.

My Sucky Teen Romance - Emily Hagins’ latest feature takes satirical aim at the world of sexy vampires. It’s the point of view that makes this unique - Emily is square in the generation targeted by Twilight.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams - Werner Herzog 3D documentary. You need more?

POMWonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold - The new one from Morgan Spurlock is about product placement and is financed totally by product placement. I’m unsure of this movie - I think Spurlock ain’t as great as we thought he was, and the whole concept feels empty - but I’m dying to see it for myself.

Wuss - Clay Liford is one of the most interesting voices in indie today, and his new one, about a teacher who gets revenge on bullies who beat him up, sounds intriguing.

Fuck My Life - Nicolas Lopez is about to go big time with Aftershock, but this movie about love in the time of the internet is supposed to be great.

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey - I’m really interested in checking out this behind the scenes look at Kevin Clash and what it’s like working at Sesame Street. Even if I kind of hate Elmo.

And there are many more; I didn’t even include the big headliners like Paul or Source Code or the Conan O’Brien documentary. Hopefully BAD will have some pretty awesome coverage this year. I’m psyched.