Good News: Gareth Edwards Has No Plans To Screw Up GODZILLA

But what does it even mean to screw up a GODZILLA movie? Is there one definition of what makes a good GODZILLA film?

Shock Til You Drop spoke with Gareth Edwards, director of Monsters (now on home video) and the guy assigned to reboot Godzilla for Legendary, and he talked very briefly about how he’s approaching the film.

“I guess I will say I’m highly aware - and everyone involved is incredibly aware - of everyone’s opinions on what this film has to do and what it has to be. And no one will do anything but the right thing. Without addressing anything specific, everyone knows how important is to get it right.”

Which is all coded language meaning ‘We know that the last American Godzilla was a piece of shit. And also, I won’t be making a mumblecore Godzilla.’

Fair enough. The question I have is what does Godzilla have to do and what does it have to be? And I think that’s a real question - many people would be happy with a movie that’s nothing but monster destruction. Many people are okay with suffering through bad stories and acting in the Toho films to get to the meat of the monster stuff. But will that fly in an American version? How much story will there be, and how much human stuff will there be? I suspect that this is what will divide audiences, even if the monster stuff works better than the Roland Emmerich version.