Listen To Lyndon Johnson Talk About Where His Nuts Hang

LBJ ordered his clothes over the phone, and he did it in a very LBJ kind of way. We have the audio proof.

Lyndon Baines Johnson was one of our more… unique presidents. I don’t think we could have a guy like LBJ in office today; he was very off the cuff, very homey and not particularly guarded with himself or his speech. He famously showed off his gall bladder operation scar to a crowd of reporters. And just try to imagine a president today getting away with what LBJ is doing in that picture above - lifting a dog by its ears (LBJ loved dogs, although he sure did have a weird way of showing it).

What’s embedded below is a tape of LBJ on the phone trying to order some pants from a tailor. There are some gaps in there, so be prepared to skip ahead a bit. But if you do listen all the way through you’ll get a real sense of the bizarrely folksy style of the man who took over for JFK. I especially love the way he describes the pants he wants, specifically asking not to make it too tight “where your nuts hang.”

Thanks to Tim League for the link.