The comprehensive making of THE SOCIAL NETWORK is now online, for you to watch for free. And I’m pretty sure it’s even legal!

The Blu-ray of The Social Network is pretty great; besides lots and lots of fascinating extras it contains one of the better making of docs in recent times. Called How Did They Ever Make A Movie Of Facebook?, the doc is a fairly complete look at how Fincher and friends work. It’s got plenty of EPK-style fawning, but it also has Jesse Eisenberg being really, really honest, as well as fascinating looks at Fincher and Aaron Sorkin bouncing ideas off of each other.

If you don’t have the disc you can now watch How Did They Ever Make A Movie Of Facebook? on IMDB. I guess I can’t embed it here, so you’ll have to explore this new ‘movie database’ site (best of luck, you Christopher Columbii of the net), but once there you’ll be able to watch all four parts. I don’t know if they have the complete doc or if it’s edited - I don’t have time to watch this AGAIN! - but it seems to me like they got it all. Enjoy!

Click here to watch.