What Does The First Picture of Bucky, Captain America’s Sidekick, Tell Us?

Which version of Bucky are we getting in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER? A new picture may answer that question.

It’s not a great picture of old Bucky Barnes, but it does give a huge nerd (like me) something to chew on.

Bucky Barnes, for the uninitiated, was Captain America’s teen sidekick in WWII. The event that froze Cap in ice killed Bucky, and for decades he was on the short list called “Comic Characters Who Died And Stayed Dead.” He’s now off that list, and his history has been rewritten by the great Ed Brubaker, who did the impossible - he made the character and the story work.

In Brubaker’s retcon Bucky wasn’t just Cap’s plucky teen sidekick. He was a young guy with some violence in him, and so he was the member of Cap’s squad who did the wetworks. It wasn’t that Cap was afraid to use a gun, it’s that Bucky was the guy who would garrote the enemy, or snipe him from a hundred yards.

And that’s why the picture is interesting; it shows Bucky with a sniper rifle, which leads me to believe that a scoop I reported long ago on CHUD - that this version of Bucky would be the Brubaker version, with a lead in to the modern day version of the character, a brainwashed Soviet assassin called Winter Soldier, to appear in a sequel - is confirmed. This looks to be the wetworks Bucky Barnes, the guy who does the messy kills so that Captain America can continue being the shining sentinel of liberty.

The image orginally appeared in French Premiere, which was scanned in by Les Toiles Heroiques

Found via Coming Soon