Marvel Movie Hit Whoring #2: THOR Reshoots To Insert Nick Fury

Samuel L Jackson spills on THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA, and about his sidekick in THE AVENGERS.

I knew that Samuel L Jackson would end up in Thor eventually. Nick Fury wasn’t in the film originally, but talking to Jimmy


 Fallon last night Jackson said he would be going in to shoot some scenes that would insert Fury into both Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger.

The Cap stuff was always going to happen; the film has a wrap around story with the Avengers finding Cap in ice. The Thor shoot is new, and it actually goes against the previous plan which was to not have Fury in the film at all. I wonder who else might be joining him on this shoot - could Robert Downey Jr be coming by?

In case you think this isn’t that big a deal know that most of Nick Fury’s stuff in Iron Man 2 was done in reshoots, and that was some major plot exposition nonsense he was doing (the donut shop stuff was always in there, but the discussion on the balcony and the final scene where Tony gets told he’s no good for the Avengers were reshoots). Iron Man 2 needed the help; it’s unclear if Thor needs as much work or if this is just going to be a button added to the end.

Meanwhile, Jackson is also doing screen tests with actresses, one of whom might play his sidekick in The Avengers. There’s no word on who the character is, but my money is on Maria Hill, a SHIELD administrator who eventually took over for Fury in the comics one of the (many) times he stepped down from the top spot. The other possibility is Carol Danvers, who has that position in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, but I suspect we’re going traditional with this choice.

via Slashfilm