Rob Zombie Leaves Haddonfield For THE LORDS OF SALEM

Rob Zombie’s done with slashers. Next up: evil witches!

Rob Zombie (nee Robert Zombechewoski) has his next directing assignment: The Lords of Salem. It’s from his own script, and it’s about the inhabitants of modern Salem being visited by a 300 year old witch coven. Which is too  bad, because my understanding is that modern Salem is actually pretty Wicca-friendly. They should have picked on some town in the South or something.

I want to like Zombie as a filmmaker - I really dig The Devil’s Rejects, and I have to admit that Halloween 2 is insane in a way that’s at least about a personal vision - so I hope that The Lords of Salem isn’t just yet another grungy, tedious sleazefest like the Halloween films.

The film shoots this spring. It’s being sold at the Berlinale Film Market.

via The Hollywood Reporter