Open Thread: SANCTUM, THE ROOMMATE, The Super Bowl And Message Boards

Sound off here on this weekend’s movie, the Super Bowl, and how you want this BAD community to grow.

Gang! Thanks for another great week here at Badass Digest. The site continues to grow and it’s really amazing to see a community springing up here. That was one of my original goals when launching this site; just as the Alamo Drafthouse creates a community of like-minded film geeks in Austin, I wanted the site to create a cool community online. It’s been doing that, and much more quickly than I expected - which is very cool. In fact, this week alone I got three emails asking me if I was considering allowing either ‘user generated threads’ or opening a message board. I don’t think that the time is quite here yet, but maybe you do. Let’s get this motion on the table and see what people think.

Would you be interested in chatting on some sort of threaded board? Something that gives you a bit more flexibility than the comment threads? My instinct is to wait until the summer before really considering this, but I figured we could talk about it a little. And if you have ideas for other community solutions that aren’t exactly message boards (I can be a bit Web 1.0 at times), let me know. Maybe it’s just as simple as a daily open thread like this one.

Meanwhile, Sanctum opens today, as does The Roommate. You can read my Sanctum review here, and maybe I’ll get out to The Roommate this weekend, but I wouldn’t count on it - see, I’m doing a Supernatural convention this weekend. Don’t all envy me at once. I’m curious what the scene is like, and I want to try and get some interviews with talent. We’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime, if you see The Roommate 1) I’m sorry and 2) tell us what you thought.

This weekend is also the Super Bowl. The ads remain a big sell even among people who don’t really watch football, and this year there’s a whole range of movie ads from Captain America to Rango to Drive Angry. Feel free to comment on em here.

Also, big thanks to Well Go USA, our first real advertiser. The ads you’ve seen on BAD so far have all been either served by Google Ads or by a company that supplies random stuff - thus the cold medicine and ADHD ads you’ve seen. Well Go is promoting the US release of The Man From Nowhere, a film that was a HUGE hit at Fantastic Fest this year, and which is dripping with action. It almost redefines the concept of action packed. Thanks to them for coming on board as our first real, official sponsor. You can make their ad buy all the more worthwhile by clicking their ad once or twice, if the mood struck. If you’re a fan of Korean action you’ll probably be pretty happy buying the Blu, which is insanely cheap.

I should have an interesting scoop for you guys in about an hour, and then I’m off for the night. Follow me @devincf on Twitter to see my thoughts on the Supernatural convention in real time.