Watch The Already Classic Dungeons & Dragons Episode Of COMMUNITY

Last night’s amazing episode of COMMUNITY is available online - and you can watch it right here at BAD!

Community keeps topping itself. Just when you think the paintball episode is the pinnacle they have that Halloween zombie episode. Then they top that with the Christmas Special. And now they’ve topped it all with their Dungeons & Dragons episode.

This episode is an instant classic for a lot of reasons. And I will list them now:

- This is a knowing, loving tribute to D&D. This episode was obviously written by people who have played the game, and it isn’t filled with random, non-D&D nonsense.

- The score is an incredible facsimile of the Lord of the Rings score.

- It’s hilarious. This is something that Community manages to do from week to week - be consistently and completely funny.

- It’s got continuity. I  think. My girlfriend and I are pretty sure that the scene where Fat Neil gets his nickname comes from the conspiracy episode. And the bit with teachers calling him Fat Neil definitely references something from last week.

- The characters are great. The show continues to handle its characters very well, and each of them fit into the D&D game quite perfectly. Annie’s sex scene is incredible.

- It’s a Pierce episode. We don’t get a lot of these. And it’s a Pierce episode that seems to be advancing Pierce’s continued evolution to the dark side, which we saw really happening in the secret trampoline episode.

- Senor Chang as a Drow.

- It’s got heart. This is what sets Community apart from almost every other sitcom out there - it manages to be hilarious while also maintaining sensitive, human feelings about its characters. Absurdity and humanity has rarely been this well balanced on television.

And you can watch it right now, on this very page (as long as you live in the United States of America):