You Can Stop Fancasting Lois Lane, Since She’s Not In SUPERMAN REBOOTS

All the actresses up for a role in SUPERMAN REBOOTS are NOT up for Lois Lane. So who is the female lead? My best guess inside.

But there is a female lead, and the short list, I guess, is Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike. So we can deduce that the character is hot. But who will it be? Will it be the ever familiar home town girl Lana Lang? If the story has a young Clark Kent going to Africa and getting involved in tribal warfare*, that might not make sense. Is there another character from the Superman mythos who might have some sparks with Clark at this phase of his life?

I’m hoping for one character and one character only: Lori Lemaris, Superman’s MERMAID GIRLFRIEND.

* seriously, who needs to see a movie about this?