Exclusive Mondo Poster For William Lustig’s Classic VIGILANTE!

William Lustig is showing three of his classics at the Alamo this week - MANIAC, MANIAC COP and VIGILANTE. Mondo made awesome posters for all three; here’s one!

You lucky Austinites: this week The Alamo Drafthouse is showing three classic films from exploitation titan William Lustig. On Tuesday it’s Maniac, followed by Maniac Cop 2. On Wednesday it’s Vigilante. And Lustig will be there for all three! What a fucking awesome show. Here are the details.

We’re beyond proud to debut the Mondo poster for Vigilante. It’s clean and classy and really beautiful. The poster, by Alan Hynes, is 18x24, screenprinted with metallic inks and limited to 100. Copies will be available at the show and whatever is left over will be sold online.

Here’s programmer Lars Nilsen on the majesty of Vigilante:

Unfairly dismissed as a DEATH WISH ripoff by people who never got past the title and poster, VIGILANTE is a tremendous, gritty masterpiece of revenge cinema. When factory worker Robert Forster’s family is victimized by street criminals, he pursues the legal route through the justice system. But when a corrupt court turns the perpetrators loose he teams up with Fred Williamson’s de facto clean-up crew to drive the scum from the streets. Far more than just a button-pushing exercise in payback, VIGILANTE addresses the real issues, both social and personal, involved in taking the law in our own hands and Forster and Williamson give outstanding performances under the direction of William Lustig. Balance, pacing, action are all perfect here. If the climax of this movie doesn’t have you pumping your fist in excitement, you should see a fist doctor right away.

There are two other posters being debuted. Cinematical has Maniac right here, while Bloody Disgusting has Maniac Cop2 right here.

I got on the phone with Lustig last week and we had a great talk. Look for that later this afternoon on BAD!