GLEE’s Cory Monteith To Star In OCEAN’S 11 For 20Somethings

GLEE’s Finn and his intern friends get caught up in a caper to take down their dickish bosses in a new comedy.

In December Deadline reported that Fox 2000 had bought a project for Cory Monteith, one of the stars of Glee, but only said it was a ‘workplace comedy.’ Now I have some new details on the project.

While I don’t know the title (or if there even is one), I can tell you that this film isn’t a workplace comedy - it’s a caper comedy. In the workplace. So yeah, I guess it’s still a workplace comedy. The basic gist is that a bunch of interns who work at a corrupt company get together to rip it off, and to bring some comeuppance to the greedy dickheads in charge, who are being described as ‘Bernie Madoff types.’

While Monteith is the big name right now (and a producer), the film is being described to me as an ensemble piece, and as a 20something Office Space version of Ocean’s 11.

Hey Deadline, I linked back to your original breaking of the news, even though you had no details. Think about that for the future.