Paramount Remaking THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. For Kids.

You know, DISTURBIA-style.

Disturbia was a big hit; the film shrewdly remade Rear Window for teens and then just sat back and took in the cash. Paramount wants to do that all over again, so they’re remaking another Hitchcock film for teens - The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Except this time it’s The Kid Who Knew Too Much. In the original film a couple investigate a conspiracy and their son gets kidnapped as a result; in this remake the tables are turned and the kid’s parents get disappeared.

John and Jez Butterworth are writing (Jez Butterworth had previously been on the remake of The Birds), with Parkes/MacDonald Productions producing.

And before you get too worked up, remember that The Man Who Knew Too Much was Hitchcock remaking himself! He shot the original in 1934, and preferred the 1956 version.