David O’Reilly (of Octocat and Rambow fame) releases The External World

David O’Reilly, perhaps most famous for his Octocat YouTube series has finally made his latest piece, “The External World”, available on the internet.

While his Octocat series helped him reach internet celebrity, O’Reilly has also done a handful of commercial work, including the beautiful animations in the Son of Rambow movie, the guide sequences in the film adaptation of Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (while working at Shynola), and music videos for MIA and U2.

His latest piece, which had premieres at the Venice and Sundance film festivals, is now streaming free to everyone online. Sharing definite tonal inspiration from the work of traditional animator Don Hertzfeldt, O’Reilly adds his own taste of humor and storytelling to the 3rd dimension.


David O’Reilly’s “The External World”

David O’Reilly’s personal website

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