DJ Caruso Is NOT Directing BEAT THE REAPER

Contrary to the director’s own words his next project is NOT an adaptation of the Josh Brazell novel.

Playlist is reporting that DJ Caruso will be directing an adaptation of the book Beat the Devil, possibly to star Leonardo DiCaprio for New Regency/Fox. The problem: This is news to Fox.

The studio says that Caruso hasn’t even met with them about the film, so the idea of it being his next is far fetched. Considering that The Playlist’s source is Caruso himself this is kind of embarrassing for the director - he seems to have really jumped the gun on this one.

It’s not impossible that Caruso could end up directing the movie, but right now the job is not his.

The script is by Brian Koppelman and David Levien, based on the novel by Josh Bazell. Here’s the Publisher’s Weekly synopsis:

Making a hit man turned medical intern a sympathetic figure would be a tall order for most authors, but first-time novelist Bazell makes it look easy in this breezy and darkly comic suspense novel. The Locanos, a mob family, take in 14-year-old Pietro Brwna (pronounced Browna) after a couple of thugs gun down the grandparents who raised him in their New Jersey home. Bent on revenge, Pietro pursues the killers and executes them a year later. Impressed by Pietros performance, David Locano recruits Pietro as a hit man. After more traumas, Pietro tries to make a break from his past by entering the witness protection program. Now known as Peter Brown, he eventually lands a position as a doctor at a decrepit Manhattan hospital, where by chance a former Mafia associate turns up as a patient and threatens to rat him out. The hero’s wry narrative voice, coupled with Bazells artful use of flashbacks to sustain tension and fill in Pietro’s past, are a winning combination.