Please Jesus Let Shane Black Direct IRON MAN 3

A plea to the One True Lord to get IRON MAN 3 the perfect writer/director.

Hey Jesus, it’s Devin. I know we don’t talk much - mostly just when my planes hit turbulence. Or that one time I sat through all of Eragon. But we need to really have a discussion now.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Shane Black is one of the people Marvel is talking to about Iron Man 3, and that he would write and direct it. There are apparently other folks in queue, but Black’s is the name that has come up.

Listen, Jesus, You and I both know that Black is the one. He worked with Downey Jr on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, one of the last times that RDJ gave a performance that couldn’t be summed up as “smug.” Look, I like RDJ too but lately he’s been defaulting to ‘smartest, snarkiest guy in the room,’ and that certainly isn’t his entire range and KKBB proves that.

Also, Shane Black wrote Lethal Weapon. He wrote The Last Boy Scout. He wrote the bits of Predator that made the film live forever. He’s one of the best action film writers in the business, and he’ll be like I hear Joss Whedon is on Avengers - breaking the Marvel standard ‘We’ll write the script on the day’ mold. He’ll WRITE an Iron Man 3, which is the exact opposite of the seat of their pants Iron Man 2.

Shane Black is the answer to Iron Man 3. He’s a great choice. But I need to know You’re on his side. Will You step up and make this happen? Please, Jesus. If you do, I’ll let those kids out of the basement.

Yours in You,