ARTHUR Trailer Less Painful Than Imagined

But it’s still painful.

All of the UK readers of Badass Digest are smirking right now. See, they inflicted Russell Brand on us when they couldn’t take him anymore. When will America kick him out as well? And who gets him next? Nigeria? Will Russell Brand do Nollywood?

Anyway, the latest Russell Brand project is a remake of Dudley Moore’s Arthur. Since Brand doesn’t have Moore’s club foot, he’s brought his own disability - being really irritating! I have to admit that I don’t hate Brand as vociferously as some of the folks in the UK, but that partially comes from the fact that he’s a really good interview. Having interviewed him a half dozen times now, that counts for something.

Anyway again, the trailer for Arthur is here. I was expecting Arthur to be the most difficult movie experience of 2011, but I don’t know if that’ll actually be the case. It could just end up being another middling, leaning towards bad movie. I do like how darkly it’s lit - this isn’t lit like a comedy! That’s always good news.

Less good news: the constant use of Pavolvian song cues. And a shitty Star Wars reference.