Futuristic Ferris Bueller Painting by Kevin Tong

Artist Kevin Tong unveils his newest work, “2011: Ferris Bueller’s Odyssey” made for the John Hughes tribute show at Gallery 1988 called “The Road to Shermer.”

Kevin’s explanation of why he chose this direction for his ode to Bueller is interesting:

The choice to portray “Ferris Bueller-” as a science fiction movie was very deliberate based on my personal observations of that movie. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off feels very much like a science fiction film, even though it is clearly not. Many of the poses and scene compositions are very geometric and surreal. Like when Ferris is standing outside the restaurant looking at his father getting into cab and Cameron and Sloane have their backs turned. Or the entire museum scene. Even the part that references Star Wars with the parking attendants joyriding. I haven’t met anyone with this same point of view, so I was only all too happy to share it will my contribution to the show.

There’s much more great stuff on his blog if you like to see the artist’s process. He’s one of very few who actually enjoy documenting everything from sketch ideas to the thought process to the painstaking detail he takes with each piece.

For more info on the John Hughe’s tribute show keep your eye on the Gallery 1988 site. The opening reception is tomorrow in Venice and by the looks of the flyer they have tons more art to unveil.