X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Trailer Displays The Cuban Mutant Crisis

It’s finally here! Our first look at the prequel story of the founding of the X-Men. And… it’s good!

The making of X-Men: First Class hasn’t been an easy one (and it’s still going on, with shooting continuing here in Los Angeles), but that doesn’t mean the movie won’t work. There’s been little to look at and judge… until now. The trailer for the film has gone live on Facebook, and it looks… pretty damn good.

There’s a small scale nature to the footage that I like. Despite the fact that the X-Men are getting involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis - aka the closest we’ve come to a nuclear apocalypse - the trailer emphasizes the personal nature of the story. That could be because the big FX shots aren’t done or it could be because that’s the angle Matthew Vaughn is taking.

Either way, what’s on display here looks good. The FX works, the character designs work, I like the costumes and the period details seem reasonable and not heavy-handed. Of course it’s about two minutes long (some of which is footage from the previous films!), but so far so good. I will maintain a positive, excited outlook about X-Men: First Class!

Some interesting nerd stuff: We see Hank McCoy becoming Beast. It looks like they’ve made Havok’s power signature look like Cyclops’ eye blasts. The Angel in this is definitely the one from Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run.

YouTube link collected from various sources on Twitter.