Guy Ritchie Directing CANNONBALL RUN Remake?

Rumor has it that Guy Ritchie wants to remake the cross country car chase movie - with George Clooney in the Burt Reynolds role.

Guy Ritchie might be directing a remake of the cross country car race film Cannonball Run, starting this fall. And he wants George Clooney to play the Burt Reynolds part.

Right now this is just a rumor. I heard from an agency source that this was happening, but I checked with a source close to the Guy Ritchie camp and was told this was the first they heard of it. The idea of casting Clooney in the Burt role is both too obvious and makes this seem like a false rumor but also too obvious and makes this seem like something that would be in the planning stages right now at a major studio.

That’s all I have at the moment. I don’t know that I need a Cannonball Run remake - an all-star cast today doesn’t have the same verve it did in the early 80s. Who is our Dean and our Sammy? Our Burt Convy? - and I wonder if Ritchie’s style works with this. I imagine he might grit up the race, making it less of a shambolic comedy and maybe more of a real car action story.

What do you think?