How To Turn Shitty 3D Movies Into Manageable 2D Movies

Hate the crappy 3D fad but can’t find 2D presentations in your area? Here’s a video guide on how to turn any 3D movie into a 2D movie.

Look, 3D pretty much sucks. Not only that, but the 3D projection of movies actually gives more than a few people headaches and feelings of nausea. What stinks is that for too many folks it’s impossible to find a 2D presentation of the last 3D junk, and so people have to either skip the films (my friend Rachel has to skip many movies because 3D makes her so unwell) or suffer through the sickness and head achiness.

But no more! The guys at Tested will show you how to make 3D glasses into 2D glasses so that you can watch a movie in peace again. Of course what this doesn’t do is counteract the terrible darkening of the screen caused by 3D glasses, but at the very least if you’re a little crafty you will no longer have to suffer through the headache-inducing fad of 3D.

Man, when people are doing DIY ‘how to avoid 3D’ videos that has to mean the fad is over, right?

via Gizmodo