Rich People Finally Good For Something: Billionairess May Fund Next PTA Films

Paul Thomas Anderson’s next two projects may have found their guardian angel in a formerly hard partying heiress.

It’s  too bad that Paul Thomas Anderson couldn’t have gotten The Master, his Scientology script, off the ground sooner. The recent New Yorker article about Paul Haggis leaving the cult has been a body blow to the organization, and I think having a Scientology movie in the can or in post right now would be excellent, excellent timing.

But it wasn’t to be. Nobody in Hollywood wanted to buck the world’s weirdest scifi religion, and so Paul Thomas Anderson, whose last film was a bona fide masterpiece, is out there with his dick in his hands, trying to find someone to finance his brilliance.

That financier may have been found! Vulture reports that Megan Ellison, the 25 year old super rich daughter of the head of Oracle, may be throwing money PTA’s way. Ellison used to be a party girl but seems to have figured out better ways to spend her money - she helped finance True Grit, for instance. Her money could help resurrect not only The Master but PTA’s adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice, which he’s been writing with the blessing of the author.

So yay Megan Ellison. And Megan, should you be reading this - I just bet you have a Google alert with your name! - look into Shane Carruth’s script. It’s expensive, but it’s brilliant. And you have all that Oracle money and seem to have cool taste in film. Make it happen!