DIE HARD 5 Gets A Director

A commercials director takes the reins of the very tainted DIE HARD franchise.

I’m not against commercial directors making the leap to the big screen, but I always worry whether these guys have any storytelling chops. As I get older I get less enthused about just whizzbang style and more and more concerned with a movie that holds together as a well-told story, with compelling characters. The greatest stylists can mix the whizzbang with the story, but it’s a real skill to be learned. And it’s much easier to be whizzbang than it is to tell a story.

Although what the story of Die Hard 5 will be who knows. Skip Woods - who may be a nice guy but who, let’s face it, is not one of our great living screenwriters - is rewriting his own script right now.

I would have liked to see some level of strong or established talent sign on to this film to assure me it won’t be a complete dud like Live Free Or Die Hard, but that’s not to be in the cards.

via Deadline

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