Listen To Peter Farrelly Act Out A Whole Scene From The Farrelly Bros’ Upcoming THREE STOOGES Movie

One half of the Farrelly Brothers team gets so excited talking about their upcoming THREE STOOGES movie that he begins acting out a scene. Listen and laugh.

Yesterday I interviewed the Farrelly Brothers for their new film, Hall Pass. I wasn’t going in looking for Three Stooges scoops, but it’s impossible to avoid the subject with them - the passion the duo have for this film is incredible. They’ve been working on Three Stooges for the better part of a decade, and they think they have it happening at Fox now, but in the meantime they have the whole damn movie mapped out in their heads. To the point that during our interview Peter Farrelly leapt off the couch and began acting out an entire sequence for me.

This will never work in print, so I’ve ported over the audio. That’s Peter doing most of the talking, with Bobby chiming in. That’s me occasionally cackling. The set up is simple - The Three Stooges will not be a biopic, but rather three new Stooges shorts. The shorts occur chronologically through the character’s lives, starting with them as orphans and following them as they grow up. As they go on they have encounters with a mean nun named Sister Mary Mengele, who I’m assuming runs the orphanage. She’s the nun that Peter is talking about below.

[audio: threestooges.mp3]