Marion Cotillard Could Be Joining THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

The Oscar winning actress is in talks to join the latest Batman film. But as who?

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Cotillard is in talks to appear in the film in what sounds like a major role. The only factor is scheduling - she would start shooting in June and she’s going to be having a baby this spring.

What role would it be? The Hollywood Reporter agrees with my previous speculation, that Talia Al-Ghul will be in the film. I had told you that there was a character who tied the film’s disparate elements together, and Talia Al-Ghul, daughter of the first film’s R’as Al-Ghul, is a perfect choice. It puts a nice bow on the series and might actually allow Christopher Nolan to get some sex in his Batman films - both Talia and Seline Kyle, played by Anne Hathaway, have been Batman’s love interests in the comics. Talia actually bore him a son!