The new SPIDER-MAN movie gets an amazing title, and we get another look at the costume - color corrected.

Way back when Sam Raimi was making Spider-Man 2 there was a rumor it would be called The Amazing Spider-Man, after the long-running core Spidey comic title. Never came to be. Now it is.

The Spider-Man reboot has the official title The Amazing Spider-Man, which makes my geek heart sing. And along with the announcement comes a brand new photo of the wallcrawler in costume.

This is a well-timed release, as the recent photos of Spidey on the downtown LA set of the film have made some of us nervous. The new photo reinforces that, once the film is color-corrected and all the tweaking is done, Spider-Man’s costume will be the right colors, not a shiny electric blue and almost pinkish red.

Click through the picture above to make it super sized.