Reporter Suffers Weird On-Air Neurological Incident

A terrifying on-air incident for a Los Angeles newscaster shows the fragility of the human brain.

What exactly happened to Serene Branson, a correspondant for Los Angeles’ CBS 2 news, isn’t clear. She obviously had a neurological mix-up of some kind, live on air, but early reports that she was hospitalized for a stroke seem to be incorrect. According to Mediate she was checked out by paramedics on the scene and sent home with a friend.

Branson was doing a live intro to the Grammys when she was struck, mid-sentence, with aphasia - the inability to properly use language. Some aphasia is aural, but in her case it’s obviously lingual; Branson is unable to speak any words correctly. You can tell that she knows this is happening and attempts to correct herself, but the gibberish only gets worse.

This must have been a terrifying moment for Branson and I want to make it clear this isn’t a ‘funny video’ post. Any neurological issue is a big deal - but they’re also incredibly fascinating. So much of who we are and how we function depends on tiny little electric connections in our heads, things of which we’re usually unaware. When they go wrong in even the smallest way it can be catastrophic.

I recommend reading any of Oliver Sacks’ books for more looks at fascinating neurological impairments. Sacks wrote the book upon which the movie Awakenings was based, but for my money The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat is the right entry point.

Best wishes to Serene Branson.

UPDATE: CBS is yanking this video as fast as they can. Fuck em. I’ll try to keep updating the video whenever it gets pulled.