Who The Hell Is Arcade Fire?

The best part of the mildly interesting Arcade Fire winning a Grammy? Nobody knew who the hell they were. A Tumblr collects the proof.

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Last night Arcade Fire won the Grammy for Album of the Year. Good for them, I guess - to me Arcade Fire is one of the ultimate ‘Oh yeah, they’re pretty good’ bands, the kind of band you could play on a long car ride and have a pleasant conversation over their record.

But it turns out a whole lot of people have no idea who they are, and the magic of Twitter allowed us to see just baffled large segments of the population were when the band took home the big award last night. Someone has put together a Tumblr of the many ‘Who the hell is Arcade Fire?’ reactions from last night, and they’re pretty funny. It’s a reminder of how fatally fractured our pop music culture is. And it’s a wake up call to me - I thought Arcade Fire was painfully mainstream until just now.

Click here to visit the Tumblr.