The SEO Rapper Gives You Advice On Improving Google PageRank

A rapper gives you sound advice on optimizing your website’s appearance in Google searches. This is true, this is weird, this is great.

Maybe I should be listening to this guy!

At first I thought The SEO Rapper was going to be a joke, like he was going to be silly or stupid or plain incorrect. But no, it turns out the SEO Rapper is a real thing. Which makes him ten thousand times funnier (and more helpful).

SEO, for those of you fortunate enough not to work on the web, means Search Engine Optimization. It’s the voodoo of the internet, and many sites that don’t have good content or interesting opinions instead have strong Google-fu, and so they get great hits. It’s something I hate - it feels like gaming the system as opposed to just being the best.

But it’s part of life, and if you want a good Google PageRank - ie, if you want more hits - you gotta get your SEO under control. Enter the SEO Rapper. Heed his rhymes.

via Videogum