The Title For SHERLOCK HOLMES 2 Sucks

Sherlock Holmes And The Case Of Who The Hell Came Up With This Title.

Warner Bros had to do just one thing with the title for Sherlock Holmes 2: make it Sherlock Holmes And The Something Or Other. Ideally it would be Sherlock Holmes And The Case Of The Something Or Other, but that was asking them to actually take the spirit of Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories into account.

Well, they couldn’t even get that right. The title for Sherlock Holmes 2 is Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows. They couldn’t do Sherlock Holmes And The Game Of Shadows?

That’s all the news here. Nothing else to report. You take from this generic, uninspired title what you like. Maybe it’s a sequel to Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. A Game Of Shadows In The Dark Of The Moon. Sounds like a 27 minute long prog rock track.

via E! Online