Ancient Brits So Badass They Drank From Skulls

Today they drink pints. Back then they drank FROM SKULLS.

There’s very little badass about the British today. Even their gangsters feel played out, thanks to Guy Ritchie. But 15,000 years ago you didn’t want to fuck with these guys. The Ice Age inhabitants of Britain used to invite their enemies over for a drink - from their very skulls.

According to Wired:

Prehistoric cave denizens cleaned the skulls before using stone tools to shape the upper parts of the brain cases into containers.

Hot. The skull mugs were found in a cave in southwestern England. That means it wasn’t the Scottish, although I wouldn’t be surprised to find that they drink from skulls to this very day. Carbon dating has placed these skulls far back enough to be the oldest skull mugs in history, although a French site could rival this.

But it ain’t just skulls - bones found in the area had marrow removed, which could point to cannibalism. Fucking Brits! They probably just boiled the people into a tasteless mush.