DRAGON AGE: Cosplay In Griffith Park

THE GUILD’s Felicia Day is doing a DRAGON AGE web series. Here’s the trailer.

With Dragon Age 2 coming out in a couple of weeks (right before I go to SXSW. Shit!), I finally got around to buying Dragon Age: Awakening. I think I screwed up at the end, leaving Vigil’s Keep poorly defended, and I kind of don’t have the heart to finish the last quest and find out. To me that speaks to the awesome storytelling power that BioWare has put behind the Dragon Age series. I love these games, and I love the world in which they’re set - I think it’s the richest fantasy world since Greyhawk, easily. And probably richer than that, as Dragon Age recombines fantasy tropes in interesting ways.

I don’t know that I want to visit the world of Dragon Age cinematically, though. So I’m torn about the Dragon Age: Redemption web series coming this summer. From geek queen Felicia Day, of Buffy and The Guild fame, the series will be six parts, featuring Day as an elf. There’s no other info, and the trailer for the series is skimpy on even imagery. What it does show, though, looks like Day and friends dressed up for a Renn Faire, playing around in a park. If we were going to get some kind of live action Dragon Age thing I would have hoped it would have been something with a bigger budget.

But what about the timing? Why the summer, when the game  hits March 8th? Maybe this ties in with a massive DLC expansion pack, like Awakening. I’m holding out hope that we’ll get to visit some cool countries this time around; I’m itching to get to Orlais.