For Frodo!

Hey Australian readers - and everybody else too, I guess - here’s how you can help a baby koala who was shot by assholes.

When our heroes make their final, suicidal effort at the gates of Mordor and cry ‘For Frodo!’ at the end(ish) of Return of the King I always get all teary eyed. It’s such a perfect moment of bravery and friendship and resolve and, most of all, trust that little Frodo would get his shit done.

So when I saw that a koala joey named Frodo needed some help I was touched as well. We don’t usually run stuff like this on BAD, but I think it’s badass to be a friend to animals. Little Frodo was brought in to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital with a fractured skull and torn up intestines resulting from FIFTEEN pieces of buckshot that had ripped through the baby’s body. It’s hard to imagine why someone would be so shitty as to shoot a baby koala, but thanks to the Zoo Frodo was soon on the road to recovery.

Taking care of animals like Frodo isn’t cheap, though, so the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital is doing some fundraising. Frodo’s almost all better, but still has more rehabilitation until she can be released into the wild. I know that we have a decent Australian readership, and that some of our readers from other countries might be interested in helping out.

Also, I could run a story like this or I could run a picture of Henry Cavill wearing a Superman t-shirt and pretend that was news. Figured I’d rather run the animal injury story.