Guillermo Del Toro & The Hensons Can’t Tell A Lie: They’re Making Stop Motion PINOCCHIO

A darker, more allegorical version of the story of the puppet that came to life? From GdT and the Henson Co? Sign me up.

Which makes Guillermo del Toro’s interest in the character make much more sense. Even in the finished book Adventures of Pinocchio, there’s a lot of grimness and hardship that didn’t make it into the Disney movie. And that’s the stuff that GdT wants to bring to the screen in a stop-motion version of the book, which he’s producing alongside the Henson Co.

Del Toro and Matthew Robbins have developed the story, with a script by Robbins. Gris Grimley - who illustrated a 2002 version of Pinocchio - will co-direct with Mark Gustafson, who was animation director on The Fantastic Mr. Fox. The film will be, sigh, 3D.

“I believe that our tale of Pinocchio recaptures the darker, more daunting aspects of the book that have been missing from previous film incarnations and takes advantage of all the allegorical aspects of the tale,” Del Toro said.

“Stop motion animation will be a new style of telling this well-known tale, a hand-crafted style with which we were eager to work since it requires a high level of artistry and craftsmanship that is similar to the work of The Jim Henson Company,” said Lisa Henson.

via Variety