Jesus Hears Our Prayers To Have Shane Black Direct IRON MAN 3

Praise the lord! He has heard our prayers and given us our wishes - Shane Black comes to the Marvel Movieverse!

We prayed hard to the Good Shepherd Jesus Christ to deliver unto us a Shane Black-directed Iron Man 3, and now it is come to pass. Deadline reports that Marvel Studios is making a deal with Black to direct the film.

What about writing it? Black is a writer, first and foremost, but apparently nothing has been decided on that front. I can’t imagine him not doing lots and lots and lots of work on the script, so they may as well hire him as the writer anyway. It just makes sense. And it would be interesting to see what an Iron Man movie with a script looked like.

The big question I have is how will The Avengers impact Iron Man 3? I keep hearing that the film lays the groundwork for the next round of crossover stuff, in the way that all the films to date have been leading up to The Avengers. Will Iron Man 3 be a sequel to that movie as much as it’s a sequel to Iron Man 2? And will it have MODOK? Please say yes.