Thor, God Of Product Placement

The Mighty Thor wields a hammer he bought at Home Depot.

- Pop-Tarts. Thor, new to Earth, doesn’t just stuff his face with any old food. Kat Dennings notes that he eats an entire box of Pop-Tarts, and yet is hungry.

- Facebook. Almost immediately after that Dennings takes a picture of Thor (to be honest her phone is probably product placement too, but I didn’t note the model) and says the picture is going on Facebook. I guess Friendster didn’t pony up the cash.

- Dr. Pepper. There’s a Dr. Pepper machine standing prominently in the back of this shot.

- 7/11. There’s a 7/11 on display in this shot. My understanding is that the town in the film was pretty much constructed, so this was probably built for the movie.

- Thor. Most egregiously the entire trailer plays like an advertisement for Jon Mikl Thor’s band Thor. I lost track of how many references to Thor this trailer has. It’s sort of tasteless.

(But seriously, it’s interesting to note that just about any car or phone or store in a movie is there on purpose, and probably through a product placement deal. You can see the difference by comparing movies where soda cans are turned label AWAY from camera and ones where the leads hold the can to show off the label. In major studio films these are never mistakes or random things (unless we’re talking background shots in real cities, but even then productions may digitally blur out or change logos.)