HARRY POTTER Adapter Steve Kloves Comes On To Write Live Action AKIRA

Will Kloves reduce the number of Us in “TETSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Just the other day Vulture reported that Warner Bros offered the lead in Akira to Brad Pitt, who turned it down. There’s a lot in this I find hard to believe, not the least of which that Warner Bros thinks Brad Pitt is the right fit for the role (it’s a teenager). I find it even harder to believe in light of the news that the studio has hired Steve Kloves to rewrite the script - why not show it to Pitt after the lauded scripter, who adapted most of the Harry Potter novels - has taken a crack at it?

Whatever the case, Kloves is polishing the script based on the Japanese manga sensation, which will eventually be directed by the Hughes Bros. Kloves has proved adept at consolidating unwieldy texts with the Potter films, so he seems like a good choice here (even though, again, his role is being described as a polish).