Guess What Animatronic Alien Could Be In Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS

It’s looking more and more like PROMETHEUS is a for-real ALIEN prequel after all. The latest word: the Space Jockey’s there, and he’s animatronic.

I would like to get my hands on the script for Prometheus, the next Ridley Scott film, because I am confused by all the claims that Fox is making that this is not an Alien movie. It’s 100% definitely and without question set in the Alien universe. I’ve had this confirmed over and over again by great sources, including public comments by Michael Fassbender. I just want to know to what extent this plays with familiar elements from Alien and how much of it is a direct prequel to the original. I mean, I’ll find out when the movie is released, but I like to know these things to aid any ‘reporting’ I have to do.

Such as this: Sky News is reporting that not only will the Space Jockey be in Prometheus, he’s going to be an eight-foot tall animatronic character. If he’s definitely in it, this makes Prometheus a fer-sure prequel to Alien, and not just a semi-related spin-off.

But let’s focus on the coolest part of this report: that he’ll be animatronic. According to the site HR Giger is working as a consultant on the design of the Jockey, who we’ve only seen in a dessicated state. But I love the idea that the creature will be real, on set and interacting with actors. That’s so rare these days as to be the best news I’ve heard all day.

There will be CG in the movie - according to the same report the Space Jockey’s ship is piloted by a giant human head, and that will be computer generated (although why they can’t just film a human head and superimpose it is beyond me). That sounds like the kind of wacky scifi concept that could make Prometheus incredibly interesting.

So I guess we have to take down the excitement of an ‘original’ property a notch, as Prometheus does seem firmly established in the Alien universe and continuity. But fuck it, it still sounds damn awesome, so I’m keeping my hopes up.

Thanks to Robert for the tip.