Possible AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Spoiler Reveals Action Packed Lizard Secret

A spoilery rumor reveals a potentially awesome action scene in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Read on if you dare!

Consider this a big fat rumor, but also consider it a possible spoiler. The info comes from a site called BigFanboy.com, with whom I’m unfamiliar, but I’ve been told they’re good people. IE, they could be wrong but they’re not just making shit up.

Spoilers to follow!

According to the site one of the big action scenes at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man sees Spidey battling a group of SWAT cops. But what makes it interesting is that these SWAT cops are… all Lizards. The concept of an army of Lizardized people has been used in previous comics, cartoons AND games, and I don’t know if the prevalence of the idea makes it more or less likely to be in the movie.

I sort of hope this is true, as it shows that Marc Webb has successfully taken the original Spider-Man reboot concept - a superhero take on Twilight with most of the action scenes having Peter Parker in civvies - and turned it into something way more kick-ass. And a squad of Lizard cops is a great way to engage Spidey in a terrific and thrilling fight scene without having to resort to CGI.