Rutger Hauer To Play Van Helsing In Argento’s DRACULA 3D

A B-movie star on the rerise and a horror master on the decline will meet in front of 3D cameras. Will it turn out to be worth watching?

The headline above this article would have gotten me excited a couple of years ago. But in the past decades Dario Argento has really withered, and I’ve gotten sick of 3D. Weirdly a decade ago Rutger Hauer’s involvement would have bored me, but after Hobo With A Shotgun I’m kind of back on the Hauer Train.

So yeah, Hauer will be playing Van Helsing in a 3D take on the Dracula story from once-masterful Italian director Dario Argento. I haven’t seen Giallo yet, but that’s mostly because I keep hearing it’s beyond dismal - and that’s from people who liked Mother of Tears! Still, I hope that Argento could wring something interesting out of 3D, since style has always been his strong suit. Has Argento ever done a 3D movie? I should run that one by Brian Collins.

Production starts in May; here’s to being hopeful and wishing for nothing but the best from this.

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