Toe Typing Is The Latest Rage

Not really. But these weird keyboard flip flops will make you feel like you’re hacking the Gibson from the beach.

Men, let me give you some advice: flip flops and sandals are to be worn at the beach, the gym, the pool or while you’re preaching the word of your Father to fishermen along the Sea of Galilee. Every other time, please cover your fucking toes.

But if you are going to the beach, the gym, the pool, or towards an unstoppable date with a Roman method of torture and execution, these keyboard flip flops are the way to do it in true geek style. I spent some time looking at this picture and I’ve come to the conclusion that I bet those little keys feel GOOD as you’re walking along. As opposed to the horrible carpal tunnel syndrome the real  things gave you. It’s irony in footwear.

These flip flops are available here, for just 30 bucks.

via Walyou