Every T-Shirt That Appeared In SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD

One site has obsessively listed every shirt seen in SCOTT PILGRIM and where to buy them, when applicable. It’s amazing.

I bet you never give much thought to the t-shirts you see in movies. You should, because sometimes a lot of work goes into them. If they’re real shirts they have to be cleared; often the costume folks have to recreate multiple copies of a shirt because of the demands of a shooting schedule. But sometimes they’re made up for the film, which can be even cooler.

One film that did a little bit of both is Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Edgar Wright’s tour de force, criminally Oscar-deprived* film is filled to the brim with cool shirts, real and created special for the movie. One site has taken on the obsessive task of capturing images of all those shirts and then letting you know where you can buy said shirts, should they exist in the real world.

I like this site because the guy is very specific - if he finds a shirt with the right logo but it’s not on the correct color or not on a ringer, like in the film, he lets you know. He also admits what he doesn’t know and is actively seeking help in identifying and locating other shirts. Now that Edgar Wright has seen his blog (that’s how I found it), I imagine he’ll be able to fill in some of the gaps.

Click here to visit the site and check out all the awesome tees. (note: At the time of this writing Edgar’s link seems to have knocked the site out. Patience!)

*FX and editing.