Exclusive: Trailer For SXSW Film FUBAR: BALLS TO THE WALL

The sequel to the cult classic Canadian mockumentary FUBAR is hitting SXSW, and we have the trailer.

Fubar: Balls To The Wall is the sequel to the 2002 Canadian cult classic mockumentary  Fubar, about two dimwitted metal heads. Fubar: Balls To The Wall catches up with them almost a decade later, and they’re no smarter.

The synopsis:

Headbanger relics, Terry (Dave Lawrence) and Dean (Paul J. Spence), are tired of trying to give’r while barely scraping by, so when their old buddy, Tron (Andrew Sparacino), hooks them up with jobs they head up North to make sweet cash working on the pipelines during the holidays.

Flush with money and confidence, Terry starts dating Trish (Terra Hazelton), a local waitress, and things get serious in a hurry. Meanwhile, Dean is playing up the part of ‘cancer survivor,’ and upon hearing about the glories of Worker’s Compensation, purposely injures himself in an attempt to qualify.

When Terry then moves in with Trish, Dean does his best to save his buddy from swapping the banger life for domestic captivity, but his own life starts to spiral out of control when the Workers’ Compensation Board denies his claim and his doctor shows up out of the blue with some fateful news.  Completely broken by his own self-destruction, Dean must rise to take control and fight for the things that mean the most: his family, his friends, and Christmas.

Fubar: Balls To The Wall premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year, and it’s coming to SXSW this year, where it’ll play alongside the original film. Here’s the trailer, exclusive to BAD for the next one hour and forty minutes!