Finally The Gritty, Violent, R-Rated Sequel To ET You’ve Been Waiting For

A rare great mashup video that postulates a bloody alien invasion sequel to ET!

Usually I find most mash-ups or fanmade trailers to be abominations, not worthy of your time or the bandwidth required to watch them. But the extended trailer for ET X - Extinction is different. Clever in its use of film clips that aren’t just edited together but digitally manipulated, ET X is funny and smartly satirical of modern blockbusters and the geek mindset. Also, it includes weird footage of a Jonas Brothers concert.

This time ET returns to Earth to warn Elliot that his brethren are coming to invade. The two old friends - now just old - must team up to stop the carnage. Old Drew Barrymore, Old Dee Wallace Stone, Crazy Eyebrowed Morgan Freeman and President Obama all appear.

via Movieline