Steve Carell To Teach A Dog To Talk. In A Drama.

A grief-stricken Steve Carell tries to teach the family pooch to speak to get to the bottom of his wife’s death. No, this is not the sequel to THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT.

There comes a time in every comedian’s life when they decide to try drama. It rarely turns out well. Steve Carell is going halfsies with Dogs Of Babel, an adaptation of Carolyn Parkhurst’s 2003 novel, which seems to have a drama with a knowingly silly premise. Hollywood Reporter describes it as

a tragic story of love and loss centers on a linguistics professor (Carell), who returns home one day to find his wife dead in their backyard. Though police rule her death an accident, the professor is not quite sure. With the only witness to the death being the couple’s dog, the grief-stricken man endeavors to teach it to talk in the hopes that he can uncover what really happened.

Carell is co-producing. The picture has no director, but they’re looking to get going soon and are out for one right now. Todd Phillips was going to direct at one point.