The Badass Broadcast: BRUCE LEE VS DRACULA

Will the zombies help Dracula succeed?

Just a short clip for you today. Tommy was digging through some Alamo preshow archives looking for a bit of gold when he stumbled across this clip from 1976’s THE DRAGON LIVES AGAIN. We thought this would be worth revisiting on the small screen this afternoon if only for the BRILLIANT use of Bruce’s “third leg.”

This, of course, is from that period after Bruce Lee’s untimely death when producers were looking for a quick way to make a buck. Rather than simply hoping to confuse audiences with someone who could punch and kick and was willing to be billed as Bruise Li, the producers here just went for it, casting Bruce Leung Siu-lung as the actual Bruce Lee having adventures in the Underworld after he dies.

So yeah, that’s definitely some Brucesploitatin of the highest degree, but personally I can only hope that after my own inevitably untimely death someone makes an action comedy about me traveling through Hell and beating up fictional characters. If anyone ever wants to get in on Henrisploitation I’m 100% behind it.

Actually, I can hope for more than that - with any luck after I die I’ll actually get to wander Hell with Caine from Kung Fu while we beat up Dracula and zombies galore. Because if you’re a big enough geek then that sort of Hell sounds downright heavenly…