Yarn Is The Mind Killer: Awesome DUNE Sandworm Crochet!

Paul Atreides rides the back of a crochet sandworm!

Other sites can keep circle jerking it with Star Wars and Back to the Future stuff, we’ll be over here with the cool kids grooving on Dune. I’ve actually been rereading Frank Herbert’s novels (I’m up to Children of Dune) and have a hankering to revisit David Lynch’s movie. As such this couldn’t come at a better time: Muad’dib riding the  back of Shai-Hulud, the great sandworm of Arrakis… in crochet. They even have the tubes from Paul’s stillsuit going up into his nose.

Now somebody just has to start making Lego Stranger In A Strange Land figures and I will be hyperpsyched.

via Walyou