A Hip Hop Concept Album Based On Duncan Jones’ MOON

A five song EP that samples Clint Mansell’s score and takes Duncan Jones’ scifi film as inspiration.

White boys make good in hip hop! Selene is a five song EP from producer Max Tannone, known for the Jaydiohead project, where he mashed up Jay-Z with Radiohead (it was awesome) and lyricist Richard Rich; each track samples Clint Mansell’s score from Moon, and the lyrics and feel are generally inspired by Duncan Jones’ amazing film about Sam Rockwell trapped on Luna with only himself for company.

I’ve given the tracks a cursory listen; the tracks are pretty great, but I need to give the rhymes more attention. io9 says this sounds a lot like Aesop Rock, and I’d agree, although I don’t know if Richard Rich has the flow of Aesop.

The entire album is available for free download right here.