Louis Letterier To Direct SciFi Movie Based On Idea By Ding Dong Who Made Geico CAVEMEN TV Show

Like, what if Earth’s gravity just, like, stopped? Dude, let’s make that a movie.

io9 believes (and I agree) that G is a version of Gravity, a movie Leterrier was attached to last year that is NOT the Alfonso Cuaron film about a space station. Rather, G is about what happens when the Earth stops turning and gravity ends. There’s a scientist who needs to get his son to safety or something. In other words it’s a stupid, stupid movie. Like The Day After Tomorrow except with floating instead of snow. Exactly the sort of thing you might imagine would come from the brain of the man who brought the Geico Caveman to ABC prime time.

The movie is out to writers right now, but I can’t imagine why they even need a script. Get the stupid, stupid set pieces together and have the actors improv lines like “YOU HAVE TO GET ACROSS THE CHASM!” and “IT’S GETTING AWAY!” and “JUMP!” and “NOOOO!OOOOOO!”

Leterrier isn’t afraid to be broad, so maybe he can have fun with this one, but this is certainly going to be one of the stupidest movies of whatever year it’s released.